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Divios Restore Plus™ All-Natural THC + CBD Aloe Moisturizer
Whatever your daily routine, working-in Divios Restore Plus™ is the best nourishment nature has to offer for sun and skin care. Our generous blend of aloe butter, therapeutic botanical oils and THC + CBD instantly soothes dry or sunburned skin and regenerates both body and mind.


  • All-Natural | 100% Chemical-Free (Non-Toxic) | Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Antioxidant Rich
  • Vitamin Rich
  • Vegan | Cruelty-Free
  • Ingredients: Aloe Butter, Witch Hazel, Lime Butter, Matcha Green Tea Butter, Lavender Butter, Red Raspberry Seed Oil (Organic), Cucumber Seed Oil (Organic), Watermelon Seed Oil (Organic), Vitamin E, Cannabis Distillate
  • 100 mg pure THC | 200 mg pure CBD (300 mg. Total Cannabinoids)
  • Non-Psychoactive (You will not "get high" from applying to your skin)

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Relief, Beauty, and Care

Our mission is to create all-natural, multifunctional sun and skincare products. So we designed Restore Plus™ to be as therapeutically effective as a medicinal cannabis salve/balm but as inviting and practical as your favorite body moisturizer or daily facial toner. 


Our generous blend of aloe butter, hydrating botanical oils and pure THC + CBD instantly soothes dry or damaged skin and regenerates both body and mind. Thanks to our 100% Chemical-Free, All-Natural ingredients, the benefits of Divios Restore Plus™ include anti-bacterialanti-irritancy, and anti-acne properties as well as:


Our primary ingredient, Aloe Butter, improves blood flow and encourages new skin cells to form in any damaged areas thanks to its essential nutrients that nourish new tissue.


Lime Butter is derived from Lime Peel oil and is obtained by cold pressing of Lime Peel. Thanks to its essential scent, lime peel oil can relieve stress and anxiety through its aromatherapy action.


In addition to Witch Hazel, Match Green Tea Butter, Watermelon Seed Oil, our Cucumber Seed Oil is specifically designed to restore moisture balance and improve skin elasticity. 


Made with Divios™ Botanicals

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